The #BanGeo hashtag had first surfaced in October/November, 2013 after Mubasher Lucman (yes, the anchor who ran a planted show with Malik Riaz in June, 2012) accused Jang and Geo of being involved in an anti-ISI and anti-Bol campaign.

Just to show you how organized some of these campaigns are (and how bad they are at it), here are the top #BanGeo tweeters from 2013:

MahwishZulfiqa1 1,224
NadiaHussan1 1,223
Dr_ImranJamil 1,219
ParniaTaimoor 1,218
EhteshamAli20 1,216

The top two accounts don’t exist anymore but a quick Google search shows some older tweet links from the @MahwishZulfiqa1 account are now with the @NidaSMalik account. Changed handle?

The trend was back after the attack on Hamid Mir. This time @RizWarraich was the top tweeter with 47 tweets.

The first tweet from the @Ban_HamidMir account was sent out on April 13, attacking Nawaz Sharif and Hamid Mir (also calling the journalist a traitor on the same day). Tweets show that the account is pro-military and Musharraf. Click here to download all of @Ban_HamidMir’s tweets from April 17 to April 24, 2014.