Geo TV has been at the receiving end of multiple Twitter campaigns after the attack on Hamid Mir, a boycott by Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and most recently after Mubasher Lucman aired clips from a Geo morning show, stating that the channel had blasphemed.

After the morning show and Mubasher Lucman episode had aired, the #BlasphemyByGeo hashtag appeared on Twitter.

Note: Mining stopped at 2pm on Saturday, May 17, 2014

A total of 1,000 tweets with the #BlasphemyByGeo hashtag were mined. An interesting trend that has been seen this time is that multiple accounts have the same Twitter bios and handles with the last couple of letters changed.

I have also identified six accounts that tweeted the exact same text, in some cases multiple times. A total of 68 tweets were sent out between these accounts. They are:

@Raeesataimorddv (13)

@Raeesataimori (13)

@Sharmeenarifh (12)

@Sharmeenarifqjz (10)

@Zainabkhwajahk (11)

@Zainabkhwajaoaq (9)

The @Zainabkhwajahk handle has this for a bio

Avid entrepreneur. Beer fan. Coffee aficionado. Subtly charming bacon fanatic.



Interesting trend where the last couple of letters have been changed.

This table shows the text used by each handle and how many times it was done:


The handle with the most tweets was @AyishaBaloch (47), followed by @Sana (32) and @AnjumKiani (26).

@AyishaBaloch appears to be a pro-military account. Not much needs to be said about the @AnjumKiani account, he has featured in the last two Twitter by the numbers as well.

The @Sana handle is a PTI supporter.

Text used by multiple accounts

The following text was tweeted 25 times from different accounts

#GeoTV k khilf bilkul sahi ho raha hai. Koi respect nahi hai inko religion ki ya kisi cheez ki… #BlasphemyByGeo

Twice from the @ArfeenAlamgeer handle

And twice from the @Hahirakhalidaxg handle

There were a total of six accounts that tweeted this text twice. Some of the other handles were

As mentioned above, there are at least 4 accounts above with the last three to four characters changed.

@AbridSultanaic and @HinaJavedd also share the exact same bios.


Text from the tweet below was used by multiple accounts 24 times

This text was also used 24 times

And this one was used 21 times

The tweet with the highest number of retweets was

Handles with most retweets

Handles with most mentions

Frequency of tweets